Every day more people starts playing paddle tennis. It is one of the most popular sports recently and it is very common to see courts of this mexican sport wherever you go. This sport is played already in 75 countries worldwide and there are, according to the last data, already 35 national federations around the world.

It is a sport where it is only needed a racket, a ball, a corut and a partner to play. In most cases, the courts are located in sport centres and its necessary that players make a previous booking for the court so that they can play in them.

With the incease of people playing this sport, the courts are almost always occupied and managing the bookings of all the players turns more and more in something difficult to carry on. So, if you have paddle tennis courts available to book, this article will be interesting for you. You will be able to manage easily the bookings of all your clients with our Bookitit online booking system. It is a software with which you allow your clients to book the paddle tennis courts online. When the clients have done the booking, these will appear automatically in your calendar and you won’t have to bother anymore by managing them. Besides facilitating the booking to your clients forgetting about their phones, you will have a better vontrol of the courts and their bookings.

Our online booking system adapts easily to this sector due to its versatility and several functions. The functions that would benefit the booking of paddle tennis courts are the following ones:

• It is possible to establish different prices for the same prices depending on the day an time of the booking. An example could be that the booking of a paddle tennis court would have a different price depending on the day in which they want to book . Following the example, that means that, while from monday to friday the price is 10€ each hour, from saturday to sunday it could change to 14€ each hour.

• Tou can make your clients to pay in advance with a prepayment system. To do that, you will have to synchronize your Paypal or Stripe account with your Bookitit account.

Notifications will be sent to the client as a reminder of the booking. To do that, you will have to configure with how much time in advance you want that the notification is sent and through which channel (e-mail or SMS). This is a very effective functionality which has the aim of avoiding abstenteeisms.
• Besides, in case that finally the clients are not able to go at the time in which they have booked, they can modify and cancel it. This benefits, as well, the prevention of abstenteeisms. So, if the paddle tennis court is finally free, it can be occupied by other people.

• From the invoicing panel you will be able to have control of all the payments, the expenses, the debts and the cash desk of your business. Everything will be reflected in your Bookitit account with detailed information of each operation.

• From the Bookitit Dashboard you will be able to get Reports of all the bookings, of the clients, etc. This will help you to make an objective study of your business and to impove if necessary.

So that your clients can make an online booking of a paddle tennis court with your sports centre or your paddle tennis centre, first you will have to create a Bookitit account and to configure the services and the calendars you offer, the opening hours, the prices…

In this case, the services could be distinguished by the booking time, for example: booking for 30 minutes, booking for 60 minutes, booking for 90 minutes, etc. On the other side, the calendars would correspond to the courts that are availble for the booking, for example: court 1, court 2, court 3, etc.

How do my clients book?

Once you have everything set up in your Bookitit account, you will have to integrate te online booking system’s widget or the independent links in your website or in your social networks (Facebook or Instagram). Here it will be from where your clients will be able to start the simple booking process:

First, your clients will have to choose the service they want to book. So, following the last example, they will be able to choose between a booking for 30 minutes, a booking for 60 minutes or a booking for 90 minutes. After, automatically it will be selected the first available calendar for this booking, that means, the court 1, the court 2 or the court 3.

After this, the clients will have to choose the day and time on which they want to play paddle tennis. The showed options will be the available in real time, counting with the bookings from other clients and the opening hours of your centre.

Finally, they will have to fill some personal information as their name, telephone number and e-mail to complete the booking. In case that you have configured a prepayment system, the clients will have to pay in the moment of the booking the total amount or a part of the paddle tennis court booking.

When the client has completed the booking process, this will appear automatically in your Bookitit booking calendar synchronizing with the rest of the bookings.

Besides, the client will receive a notification through e-mail or SMS -depending on how you hsve configurated it- notifying that the booking has been done succesfully.