Yoga is the physical and mental activity that more and more people practice. This discipline has got a lot of aims. Among all of them we can find the phisical and mental wellness. It’s through meditation how this wellness can be reached and, because of that, it is important to be guided by a specialist.

There are already many sports centres that offer yoga as another activity and we can even find specialised centres dedicated exclusively to this discipline. In today’s article we are going to explain why the Bookitit online booking and appointment system adapts to your business and can turn into the perfect tool for your yoga centre.

The Bookitit booking application is going to make easier the management of your yoga centre organizing the appointments with your clients, managing the invoicing and allowing your clients to make online appointments.

Our booking calendar, that synchronizes and updates in real time, will allow you to have the control of all the classes you are going to have the next days. When your clients make a booking of a class through the Internet, it will appear in your calendar once this booking has been done correctly.

Let’s image, besides, that each class of yoga that you offer has a maximum capacity and, for example, you can only offer until 20 gaps for this same class. With Bookitit you can set up the agendas by turns and allow a maximum of 20 people to make 20 different appointments for this same class. In the moment of the booking the client will be able to see how many gaps are still available for each class. If you are interest in this function, go to this tutorial.
On the other side, from the Bookitit Dashboard you can create session bonuses for your clients. If, for example, you want to sell your clients a bonus with 10 yoga sessions, each time that your clients make an online booking, they will have to introduce the bonus code. In this way, the number of sessions that the client is spending, will be discounted automatically and you will be able to see it through the system.

From the online booking system you will be able to manage also everything related to the invoicing of your centre: the charges, the expenses, the cash desk movements and your client’s debts. Generate tickets for your clients from the invoicing panel, specify the payment method and the information of the client to obtain a better management.

So that your clients can make the online bookings you will have to configure everything necessary from the Bookitit Dashboard. This way, you will be able to integrate the widget in your website or the independent booking links in your social networks (Facebook page or Instagram profile) or in your website. From here on is where your clients will start with the booking process.

Before finishing the booking, your clients will have to introduce their personal information (name, e-mail and telephone) in case they are new users. In case they already have an account, they will only have to introduce their e-mail and their password. Once this process is finished the appointment will appear in the Bookitit booking calendar in real time.

Besides, you will be able to send reminders to your clients of their yoga classes with the anticipation time that you want. All the notification can be costumized and be sent by any of the two available channels: e-mail and SMS.