Bookitit’s online booking and appointment system allows you to manage all kinds of procedures and formalities related to any bank or financial institution. Through our booking application, banks and financial institutions can manage the different activities of their customers.

Our online system allows you to organize a series of services, including meetings with sales representatives, both face-to-face and via videoconference. In addition, Bookitit’s online booking calendar allows you to manage the different appointments that the bank and banking institutions can arrange for their customers to carry out different operations such as mortgage management, credit granting or financial advice, among others.

Banks have the option of integrating the booking widget into their own website to make it easier for their customers to make a booking and request an appointment. In this way, customers not only have the option to book by phone or mail, but Bookitit guarantees the online option through the widget and the website.

Our online booking application establishes a direct relationship with social networks as we believe that they are a fundamental aspect in the promotion of the bank and the relationship with the customer. Therefore, in Bookitit we give the option to generate independent links to integrate them into the social network accounts and, in this way, users of this bank can directly access the online booking process through the networks of the bank.

The online booking system offers a wide variety of options. Through the tool called ‘Services’, the bank will be able to establish all the resources it offers to its customers. Thus, they will be able to appreciate the different previous appointments that the client can demand and these resources can also be grouped in different blocks.

Within this section, each service has an advanced configuration where several key aspects can be determined, such as the price of the operation, the estimated duration of the appointment or a brief description with informative questions for the client regarding the appointment.

You can try our online appointment scheduling system free of charge and without obligation for 15 days and our team will call you by phone to help you set up your account or answer any questions you may have.