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Improve the appointment management of your dogs groomer centre with the Bookitit online booking system

by admin

Our pets are part of our family and as everyone, they also need some special cares, and what a better place than a dog groomer centre to tidy the most hairy of our house. Today we are going to present the Bookitit online bookings system adapted to dog groomer centres. Managing the appointments with all your clients is so much simple if you do it online. This allows you to forget about the telephone and to have a better organization. With the Bookitit online appointment system your clients will be able to book an appointment through your website or social media (Facebook or Instagram) to bring their pets to your centre. Besides, you will know with anticipation what kind of sevice they need. To do it, you will only have to configure all the services you offer in your Bookitit account and asign them a price. For example: shower, yorkshire haircut, labrador haircut, german sheperd haircut, etc. Besides, you can also introduce all the employees you have with their corresponding schedules. In this way, your clients will only be able to book on available times. One of the functionalities of Bookitit which is very usefull for the dog groomers sector […]

Manage the bookings of your paddle tennis courts with Bookitit · Online Booking System

by admin

Every day more people starts playing paddle tennis. It is one of the most popular sports recently and it is very common to see courts of this mexican sport wherever you go. This sport is played already in 75 countries worldwide and there are, according to the last data, already 35 national federations around the world. It is a sport where it is only needed a racket, a ball, a corut and a partner to play. In most cases, the courts are located in sport centres and its necessary that players make a previous booking for the court so that they can play in them. With the incease of people playing this sport, the courts are almost always occupied and managing the bookings of all the players turns more and more in something difficult to carry on. So, if you have paddle tennis courts available to book, this article will be interesting for you. You will be able to manage easily the bookings of all your clients with our Bookitit online booking system. It is a software with which you allow your clients to book the paddle tennis courts online. When the clients have done the booking, these will appear […]

Integration code of the online booking widget filtering by independent services or calendars

by admin

While last week we showed you how to create independent links for each service or agenda, in today’s article we are going to show you how to create the Bookitit widget code, so you can integrate it in your website. In this way, your clients will be able to make the online appointments in a very easy and quickly way. So that your clients can access to the booking widget, first you will have to configure it with your services and calendars that you want to offer. To do that, you may follow these simple steps: 1. Access from the Dashboard of your Bookitit account to Online Booking. Once you are inside, right above the “View how my costumers book” botton, you will see a code. Copy and paste it in a text document to modify it more comfortably. Your are going to find a code very similar to this one (every publickey is unic and different in each account): <div id=”idBktWidgetBody”></div> <script type=”text/javascript”> var bkt_init_widget = { type: “default”, srvsrc: “”, publickey: “208bfcbdc0388cda1d305863a0e5bc68a”, lang: “es”, scroll: false, services: [], agendas:[] }; var oScriptHtmlElement = document.createElement(“script”); oScriptHtmlElement.setAttribute(“type”, “text/javascript”); oScriptHtmlElement.setAttribute(“src”, bkt_init_widget.srvsrc+”/js/widgets/loader.js?v=”+(new Date().getFullYear())+(new Date().getMonth())+(new Date().getDate())+(new Date()).getHours()); (document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0] || document.documentElement).appendChild(oScriptHtmlElement); </script>   2. […]