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Integration code of the online booking widget filtering by independent services or calendars

by admin

While last week we showed you how to create independent links for each service or agenda, in today’s article we are going to show you how to create the Bookitit widget code, so you can integrate it in your website. In this way, your clients will be able to make the online appointments in a very easy and quickly way. So that your clients can access to the booking widget, first you will have to configure it with your services and calendars that you want to offer. To do that, you may follow these simple steps: 1. Access from the Dashboard of your Bookitit account to Online Booking. Once you are inside, right above the “View how my costumers book” botton, you will see a code. Copy and paste it in a text document to modify it more comfortably. Your are going to find a code very similar to this one (every publickey is unic and different in each account): <div id=”idBktWidgetBody”></div> <script type=”text/javascript”> var bkt_init_widget = { type: “default”, srvsrc: “”, publickey: “208bfcbdc0388cda1d305863a0e5bc68a”, lang: “es”, scroll: false, services: [], agendas:[] }; var oScriptHtmlElement = document.createElement(“script”); oScriptHtmlElement.setAttribute(“type”, “text/javascript”); oScriptHtmlElement.setAttribute(“src”, bkt_init_widget.srvsrc+”/js/widgets/loader.js?v=”+(new Date().getFullYear())+(new Date().getMonth())+(new Date().getDate())+(new Date()).getHours()); (document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0] || document.documentElement).appendChild(oScriptHtmlElement); </script>   2. […]

Manage your workshop’s appointments with the Bookitit online booking system

by admin

One of the inconvenients that happens when a client need a reparation service is the worry about the time that the workshop will need to solve the problem. It is something normal since when the client arrives to the workshop, the employee doesn’t know to which damage is going to face and, generally, the workshop doesn’t have available the needed articles or pieces to make the reparation. In this way, the client must wait to the workshop to make the order of the needed products, wait until the product arrives and wait until the damage is repaired. All this waiting would be avoided if the workshop would count with an online booking and appoitment system as Bookitit, with which manage the clients appointments. Bookitit is an online booking software that allows your workshop to have a calendar in which you can configure the opening hours, the employees, the work schedules, the reparation services that offers, among many others. The main advantage that the online booking program contributes to your workshop is very simple: to know in advance what kind of service the client will need. The clients, in the moment of making an appointment with your workshop will have to […]

Manage your Virtual Secretary with the Multicentre version of Bookitit

by admin

The Bookitit online booking system highlights because of its versatility. The diverse functions that it has favour the adaptation to different sectors and its simple use allows that anyone can make use of it, without the need of beeing a computing professional. This week we present the application of the scheduling software in virtual secretaries. That is to say, if you need a program that helps you to manage several centres from just one account, Bookitit is the perfect tool. The Multicentre version is a functionality of this online booking system that allows you to manage different accounts from a superior administration account. It consists in managing different accounts associated each one of them to a different centre in terms of invoicing, clients, schedules, services and much more. Each one of these accounts can be managed also individually since they work as an standard individual account. In this way, every accounf can also manage their own services, schedules, calendars, notifications, etc.     One of the many advantages of the Multicentre version is the possibility to obtain total reports of all the accounts altogether. This option is very usefull to know in detail the company’s situation and to apply improvement […]