Do you have an events organization agency? If it’s so, the Bookitit online booking system can be very usefull for you.

To be online present through a website or social networks is very important to embrace a higher number of clients. So it is to offer them the possibility of making the bookings for the events that you organize through your website or social networks. That is why our online scheduling software will help you to a better managemente of your business.

How can Bookitit benefit you?

Our online booking app calendar adapts to the needs of your events organization’s agenda and allows you to configure the schedule in the way that you can offer appointments only on the days in which you have preview for having these events. If you are interested on this configuration go to the following tutorial.

Having an online scheduling software means that the whole process of booking generation is going to be automatized. From the Booking Calendar you can see how the appointments that the clients are doing online are included. Besides, you will have a clients list with all their personal information and their booking record.

On the other side, you can assure a payment in advance of the event, complete or partial. The payment gateways to choose are Paypal, Stripe and Redsys, which you can set up easily with our tutorials.

From the invoicing panel of your Bookitit account you can, besides, carrying the management about charges, expenses, cash desk movements and the debts of the clients. On the same way, you will be able to generate tickets for your clients and that all of them get registered on the system. To know more about invoicing go to this post.

One of the functionalities of Bookitit that better adapts to events is the possibility of offering several appointments of a same agenda at the same time. That is, you can offer the number of slots that you want to for the same event. Besides, your clients will be able to see how many slots are available for the event in the moment of making the online booking. If you want to know how to configure this option, go to this tutorial.
This is how my clients book:

When your clients book they can do it in several ways:

-On the one side, they can start the booking from the booking widget, which will be integrated in your website.

-Another method is through the widget’s URL from your social networks (Facebook page or Instagram profile).

-It is also possible to create independent booking links for each event that you organize and introduce them in your website.

About the booking process, your clients will have to choose the service that you offer and the agenda. After, they will have to select one of the dates and times in which the event takes place. From here, they will see how many free slots are stil available for the event.

Before finishing the booking, they will have to introduce some personal information as their name, telephone and e-mail, in case that they are new users. However, if they’re already registered users they will only have to introduce their e-mail and password.

By last, if you have configured the prepay option, your clients will have to pay in the moment of the booking the amount that you have introduced previously from the Dashboard.

Once the booking is completed this will appear in your Booking Calendar in real time.