Resellers Plan

Bookitit introduce the Resellers Plan.

Offer the Bookitit service to your customers and don’t stop earning.

Multicenter Resellers

Manage several accounts (one account per center) from a higher control panel of the Multicenter administrator, in turn, each center will have access to its account independently and within each center you will be able to control the agendas (employees, rooms, booths … .) you need.

As an administrator of Multicenter account you will have full access to control all the individual accounts of your clients.

Commercial Terms

Do you want to be a Bookitit Reseller?

Now you can market online reservation services in your country, province and city.

Bookitit provides you with the necessary material to help you grow your client portfolio and your profits.

The Reseller markets the product generating a portfolio of clients, who enjoy Bookitit’s services.

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From Bookitit you will be provided with access to a Multicenter Reseller
Multicenter account for the Reseller, from which you can
you will be able to manage your customers’ accounts (create, edit and delete),
edit and delete).

The Reseller will get a commission of the
of the total number of sold agendas and contracting period of the clients
of the clients obtained for his portfolio.

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