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Manage your music academy’s classes with Bookitit · Online booking system

by admin

You have a music academy with a large staff of teachers who teach various instruments and consider that organizing all classes with your students ends up being expensive and takes time to devote to other tasks. Therefore, you see that hiring an online booking system is the best option to get rid of this problem. Bookitit is an online booking software that will help your music academy and manage all appointments automatically without worrying about anything. In today’s post we will tell you how you can use our application in your business. In order for your students to start making reservations for their online classes you have to make a few basic configurations, which are summarized in registering the services you offer, the agendas and the schedule of your center. First, configure the services. These will be the different classes you offer. For example: Piano class, Saxophone class, Violin class, Flute class, Singing class, Music class, etc. Within the settings of the services you will have to establish its price and its duration. It is interesting to set a prepaid amount. That is, if you prefer, your students can pay you the partial or total amount of the class at […]

Online booking for tattoo studios · Scheduling software

by admin

If you have a tattoo studio you will know the importance of being present on the Internet, with a website or with social networks, to approach your clients as much as you can. You also will know that is necessary to show your work in any of these platforms. It is about to allow the clients of finding everything they need only with a glance. The customers that can make all the searching process at once will be more satisfied. Because of that, giving your clients the possibility of making the appointments from your website or social networks are just benefits. Managing all the appointments of a tattoo studio that has different tattoo artists is complicated. You have to keep in mind the opening hours of the center, the schedule of your workers, the different appointments of your clients, what is what your clients want, have all the necessary products prepared, etc. The online booking systems make all these managements easier because they automatize them. That’s why they are essential tools for any kind of business that needs appointments with their clients. In this post we are going to explain you how to configure Bookitit for your tattoo studio. To […]

Rent the rooms and offices of your business center with an online scheduling system · Bookitit

by admin

Working on the administration of a business center that counts with many rooms and offices for its rent is difficult to manage. That is why counting with a booking system that automatizes all the renting process simplifies a lot the management of the rooms and offices. In this post we are going to tell you how Bookitit can benefit your business center and which functionalities adapt better to it. To use Bookitit correctly, first you will have to establish the services of your business center. In this case, each service will be the time for the rent of the rooms. For example: Rent 1 hour, Rent 2 hours, Rent 3 hours, etc. In this way, if a person needs a room for a reunion that, approximately, will last 2 hours, the person will choose Rent 2 hours in the moment of the booking. After, you will have to establish the calendars. The calendars, which are determined by the space, in this case will be the different rooms and offices with which your center counts. That is, if you have 25 rooms and offices, you can numerate or name them and establish them as agendas. Besides, if any of your rooms […]