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Do you need help with your paddle club management? Bookitit is the ideal scheduling management system for your business.

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Paddle tennis is a very popular sport all around the world. It is increasingly common to find sports clubs that are dedicated exclusively to paddle tennis. In addition, a large number of paddle tennis courts have been implemented in gyms and other current sports centers, in sports centers and educational complexes, etc. Padel is a sport that can be practiced at any age, being very common among middle-aged people and increasingly common among young people. It covers a very large population segment and although it was originally born as an elitist sport, it has become increasingly democratized and is now available to the majority of the population. The growing demand for padel court rental services has led to a need for more precise and organized management and administration by paddle establishments. In Bookitit we know that running a business implies dedication and enormous effort, and that it is necessary to address a large number of issues for its prosperity and development. If you want to manage your business successfully and allow your customers to book online, conveniently and easily, do not hesitate to count on us. Our reservation management system will offer you a lot of advantages, storing all the […]

Manage your patients’ quotes through Bookitit, the ideal online booking software for all types of clinics.

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We know that the most important thing for a clinic is to take care of patients’ health and guarantee them a personalized treatment. Therefore, we invite you to count on us. From Bookitit we can help you manage all your appointments and save time and effort. Our scheduling system offers you endless possibilities and is ideal for businesses like yours, in which the control of schedules and agendas is essential. From setting up a calendar to designing different professional profiles – for example, the doctor, the nurse, the secretary, etc. In addition, it allows you to set default messages for your clients in case the doctor is on leave or unable to attend the patients for any reason. In the case that it is the patient who wants to cancel, and you want to be notified in advance, we allow you to set the parameters you want and we will inform the client through email or SMS. Our scheduling management program allows you to keep everything under control. It is an ideal system for dental clinics, ophthalmology, aesthetic medicine, reproductive health and any other type of clinic that requires an administration of working time. You will not have to worry […]

Bookitit: The ideal scheduling software for your virtual assistance business.

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When a business thrives, a growing need for management and organization of time and tasks inevitably proliferates. During the last years, it has become customary for companies to delegate diligence tasks to other external entities, often resorting to the services of virtual secretaries. Virtual assistance is a booming field and at Bookitit we want to help you make your work much easier. Through the Multicentre version, specially designed for professionals in the field of management, you can manage multiple businesses at the same time in the most optimal and organized way possible. Our reservation system allows you to process information from multiple establishments of different nature. Using our program to schedule online appointments you can forget to always take your notebook with you. Our system allows you to collect all the information of your customers in a schematic and simplified way and access it comfortably and efficiently. With Bookitit you can make sure that all the demands of your customers will be assured. In the case that you work with a doctor, we will send notifications to patients when any unforeseen event arises or the doctor takes a vacation. You just have to program it and we will do the […]