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Bookitit: The ideal scheduling software for your virtual assistance business.

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When a business thrives, a growing need for management and organization of time and tasks inevitably proliferates. During the last years, it has become customary for companies to delegate diligence tasks to other external entities, often resorting to the services of virtual secretaries. Virtual assistance is a booming field and at Bookitit we want to help you make your work much easier. Through the Multicentre version, specially designed for professionals in the field of management, you can manage multiple businesses at the same time in the most optimal and organized way possible. Our reservation system allows you to process information from multiple establishments of different nature. Using our program to schedule online appointments you can forget to always take your notebook with you. Our system allows you to collect all the information of your customers in a schematic and simplified way and access it comfortably and efficiently. With Bookitit you can make sure that all the demands of your customers will be assured. In the case that you work with a doctor, we will send notifications to patients when any unforeseen event arises or the doctor takes a vacation. You just have to program it and we will do the […]

The best online booking system for your hairdresser and beauty center. Bookitit: the portal where you can manage your business in the most optimal and effective way.

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Welcome to Bookitit, the online booking program where you can manage your business with total comfort in a very simple, practical and effective way. It is an ideal system for hairdressers and beauty centers, considering the fact that it is specially designed so that the user can coordinate the different functions, tasks and activities of his or her business. Through us you can process all your customers appointments and requests, allowing businesses to be aware of all important aspects for their prosperity and proper management. From setting up the opening hours of your center to managing customer bonuses, we want to help your business go smoothly. From data storage to the implementation of notifications aimed at informing the client of cancellations, available schedules, vacations, etc. Our online dating agenda offers you the possibility to collect each and every one of the services that are part of the offer of your hairdresser or beauty salon: dye, haircut, gel nails, porcelain, pedicure … If you have four hairdressers, two beauticians and a massage therapist, Bookitit is responsible for managing their work schedules and making possible or limiting appointments with customers based on the availability of each of your company’s workers.   If […]

Manage your music academy’s classes with Bookitit · Online booking system

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You have a music academy with a large staff of teachers who teach various instruments and consider that organizing all classes with your students ends up being expensive and takes time to devote to other tasks. Therefore, you see that hiring an online booking system is the best option to get rid of this problem. Bookitit is an online booking software that will help your music academy and manage all appointments automatically without worrying about anything. In today’s post we will tell you how you can use our application in your business. In order for your students to start making reservations for their online classes you have to make a few basic configurations, which are summarized in registering the services you offer, the agendas and the schedule of your center. First, configure the services. These will be the different classes you offer. For example: Piano class, Saxophone class, Violin class, Flute class, Singing class, Music class, etc. Within the settings of the services you will have to establish its price and its duration. It is interesting to set a prepaid amount. That is, if you prefer, your students can pay you the partial or total amount of the class at […]