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Rent the rooms and offices of your business center with an online scheduling system · Bookitit

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Working on the administration of a business center that counts with many rooms and offices for its rent is difficult to manage. That is why counting with a booking system that automatizes all the renting process simplifies a lot the management of the rooms and offices. In this post we are going to tell you how Bookitit can benefit your business center and which functionalities adapt better to it. To use Bookitit correctly, first you will have to establish the services of your business center. In this case, each service will be the time for the rent of the rooms. For example: Rent 1 hour, Rent 2 hours, Rent 3 hours, etc. In this way, if a person needs a room for a reunion that, approximately, will last 2 hours, the person will choose Rent 2 hours in the moment of the booking. After, you will have to establish the calendars. The calendars, which are determined by the space, in this case will be the different rooms and offices with which your center counts. That is, if you have 25 rooms and offices, you can numerate or name them and establish them as agendas. Besides, if any of your rooms […]

Manage the extracurricular activities of your school with an online booking system · Bookitit

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Probably your school organizes several extracurricular activities as dance, music classes, sports, etc. Having a good management of the classes, of the schedules, the students and the payments, among other things, is not simple. Because of that, a good solution is counting with an online booking system. How can an online booking app as Bookitit benefit your school? 1. Payment control From the Bookitit invoicing panel you will know all the students that have made the payments of the activities. You will be able to make the charges from this same panel and control, in the same way, the debts and the expenses. Besides, it is possible to establish a prepayment system, which could be total or partial, to assure yourself the payment of the activities. If you decide adding a prepayment system you can choose between Paypal and Stripe as payment gateways. 2. Better organization and coordination The children’s parents would only have to make the booking of the activity online, choosing the date and the available times. When the booking is done it will be incorporated automatically in the Bookitit Booking Calendar, from where the teachers will see it. On the other side, the automatic sending of reminders […]

How Technology is Revolutionizing Appointment Scheduling

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By Accenture’s prediction, 66% of US health institutions would offer online self-scheduling to patients, with 64% of patients across the country using the technology. Because of this, health systems would receive a $3.2 billion increase in value. But what are appointment scheduling applications? These are cloud-based or on-premise software that allows businesses and professionals to receive appointments from clients even when they are offline or during business hours. It also offers the capability to manage these appointments when changes need to be done manually. There are numerous benefits to be gained from these, and some of them are an increase in the volume of bookings and a reduction in no-shows. Such things are only possible with the latest innovations that power an online booking system. Below we discuss what some of these technologies are and how they benefit a scheduling platform.   Email Services Chief among the available appointment scheduling features is email. In marketing, it is still the main point of contact between brands and consumers because of its versatility and dynamics. Plus, it has a high engagement rate because of its accessibility through various platforms. The same features that make email a popular channel for marketing communications apply […]