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Online booking software for Real Estate Promotions · Bookitit

by admin

The Bookitit online booking system adjusts to any type of business and this week we bring you the advantages about our software in Real Estate Promotions. There are several benefits that Bookitit can contribute to Real Estate Agencies, because of its plurality of functionalities that adapt to the needs of any situation. In case of real estate promotions, the Bookitit functionalities that can be profited the most are the creation of independent links for each house. This means that, with the creation of these links, the booking process simplifies. So, each link will be adressed to the booking of a certain house visit. When the client clicks in the link the steps of choosing the service or the calendar (the house) of the booking process are skipped. So, the client will be directly go to the choice of day and time of the visit. Managing all the houses visits with your clients is not a simple task, therefore the Bookitit booking calendar will help you having a better organization of your clients and your appointments.     The online appointments will appear directly in your booking calendar and will synchronize with the rest of them once the client has done […]

Online booking program for courses and events · Bookitit

by admin

To join courses is more and more usual to keep training and studying. Every day hundreds of people search on the Internet training courses that offer companies, academies or other centres. The conmfort that Internet offers in this aspect is fundamental to contribute the searching. In the same way, users search this same comfort at the time of register in these courses and make the payments. This means to be able to do all these processes without worrying about taking the phone or going to the centre. If you offer training courses or events don’t hesistate to facility things, not only to your clients, but also to you. To automize the registration process to a course or event with an online booking system as Bookitit will speed up the bureaucratic processes of your centre and you will obtain a higher control of your clients and of the registrations. Our booking software is adaptable to any kind of business and, therefore, Bookitit will turn into your favourite tool of your centre. One of the functionality of the program and that adjust to your needs is the possibility to offer a service to many people. That means that you can configure bookings […]

Online booking system for photographers · Bookitit

by admin

If you have a photography studio and you find complicated managing all the appointments with your clients, start automizing this process with an online booking system. Managing your time and having control of your clients is very easy with Bookitit. Here you will be able to introduce all the services you offer and adign them a price. Besides, you also will be able to introduce your employees and award them which services is going to make each one of them. Establishing your schedule and introducing it in the online booking software, your clients will be able to see the opening hours of your photography studio and, in this way, also your availability. So that your clients can book, you can configure the option of booking with certain time in advance. So, if for a certain service that you offer you need a time of preparation, this can be a perfect tool for your studio. Let’s take as an example that you need at least a week of advance in the booking for a familiar photography session. Once this option is set up from the Bookitit Dashboard, your clients will only be able to do it this way. On the other […]