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Independent booking links for each service or agenda · Bookitit online booking program

by admin

In the Bookitit booking application we have many ways to offer appointments to our clients besides to generic widget of the centre. To simplify the booking process for the clients it is possible to create independent links for each service or calendar. In this way, the client will select directly the link depending on the service or agenda with which he or she wants to make an appointment and will skip this step in the booking process. In this way, we can put, for example, several different links in your website pointing directly to the service or agenda we want to offer for the online booking. To configure this functionality that the Bookitit online booking system offers, you may follow these simple steps: 1. To start, go to the Dashboard, to Online Bookings and enter in “View how my costumers book”. Copy this link (the URL that shows up in your browser) and paste it in another tab or in a text document. In this link is where we are going to make the following modifications. Firstly, you have to delete #services Example: Original link from “View how my costumers book”: Edited link: 2. In case that you […]

Which is the best way to offer my professional services online? · Online booking program

by admin

Internet has changed the way of doing business and it offers a varieated list of option to offer your professional services online, thanks to the flexibility of this channel. In this article we are going to explain the online appointment model which we a re going to present as one of the best option that Internet offers to each professional to offer their services on the Internet easily and directly to their current and potential clients. From Bookitit, as online booking and appointment management experts and entrepreneurs, we are going to give you some advices about how to reach visibilty inside the nearest users community to win clients and make your business grow thanks to the online appointment management. We are going to take the example of a physiotherapy professional that opens its own consultation and doesn’t count with so many human and economic ressources as a physiotherapy clinic.     HOW TO GET VISIBILITY AND CLIENTS? “I’m physiotherapist, I have my own consultation and I want to offer the possibility to make online appointments, but nobody knows me” 1. The first thing you should do is to choose which physiotherapy services you want that your current and future patients […]

Show the free slots in the hours for the calendar configured in turns · Bookitit online scheduling system

by admin

Today we are going to present a new update of our Bookitit online booking system. It consists in the possibility to show the free slots left for a particular time in case that your centre has got calendars that offers services for groups at the same time. To explain it simply, we will take the example of a group class of yoga. Let’s imagine that your centre offers yoga classes in a room with a capacity of 35 persons. In this way, for each class of yoga that you offer there will be maximum 35 persons which will be able to make the booking. So, in the moment of the booking, the client will be able to see how many free places are left for each class you offer. This is how the client will see it:     This new functionality will be very usefull, besides yoga classes or other sports such as cycling indoor, also for events, training classes, language classes, etc. If you are interested in add this functionality, first you will have to configure the calendars of your Bookitit online booking account in turns. To do that, you will have to access to the Dashboard, go […]