Sistema de reservas online: informes y estadísticas
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FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_BTBVbl4gAW42.2 Report

The reports will give you information about customers, reminders, appointments, schedules and services:

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_ASNUZAsgUmA

- Customers: now the total number of customers, and of these, how many and how many do not have web access.

- Notices: how many emails and sms you sent, and how many have pending .

- Appointments: Total, online and not online .

- Agendas: how many agendas have you got.

Total services you offer.

- In all these sections we provide a graph so you can assess the percentages that result from the activity of each. In addition, customers, ads and quotes you can compare the figures of the previous month and evaluate the progress of your company.

- Within each statistic you can click on "more information". Here you can filter by date, type of report and other individual aspects of each section. Therefore, the data provided will be most useful to you. Also you can export it in .csv format. Here we will explain everything.