Block specific days or times

From the Bookitit Booking Calendar you can block a specific day or time, so that no appointments can be created on the date or times you block.

To do this, click on the lock icon located at the top of the calendar, next to the name of each day of the week, or in the case of the calendar view, next to the name of each day of the week. A window will appear in which you can configure the lock.

If the lock is set from the week view, the lock will be set for all calendars. On the other hand, if you prefer to set the blocking only for a specific agenda, you will have to perform the blocking from the agenda view.

You must first select whether it is a specific date or a recurring block. If it is a block for a specific date, select the day and the period of time during which the center will not be available to receive any visits.

Click on “Add block” and you will see that the selected day and times will appear with a gray block in the calendar.

On the other hand, if you want this block to be recurring, you must select “Block to be repeated over several dates” and the days of the week on which you want the block to be carried out. Next, set the start and end time of the block. Finally, select the date on which this recurring block will end. Click on “Add block” and check that the block has been successfully completed in the booking calendar.  

Once you have the blocks configured, clients will not be able to book with the agendas on the days or times to which you have assigned the blocks.