For greater security with regard to online bookings, you can configure the maximum number of appointments you will receive from the same ip.

Configure this option from My Company. Go to “Other center configuration”.

Check the first box: I can receive a maximum of X online appointments from the same ip every X minutes. Write in the fields the data you want.

On the other hand, check the second box if you want your customers to be able to make an online appointment for a service only when they do not have another pending booking for the same service.

This way, for example, if a client has an appointment for the “Medical consultation” service, he/she will not be able to make an appointment for that same service until the date of that appointment has passed. Click on Save for the changes to be made correctly.

Both options are only related to online booking. So these settings will not apply to the manual insertion of appointments from the Bookitit Booking Calendar.