Independent booking links by agenda

As for the creation of independent booking links filtered by agendas, the process is as follows:

1. To start, go to the Control Panel, to the Online Booking section and go to “See how my clients book”.

Copy this link (URL that opens in the browser) and paste it in another browser tab or in a text document. From this link the following modifications will be made.

First, it will be necessary to delete #services


Original link to “See how my customers book”:

Edited link:

2. If you want to filter by agenda with only one service, you will have to put this URL with the BKT of the service that offers the agenda and, in addition, add after another slash (/) the BKT of the agenda (to know where to find the BKT of the agenda and of the service see the end of step 2).


The link will lead directly to the choice of date and time of the booking:

In the same way, the BKT of the agenda will appear next to each agenda in the list of the agendas that you will find in the Control Panel under My Agendas under Code:

3. On the other hand, if you want to filter by agenda and with all its services, you must put this URL, a slash (/), then the BKT of all the services you want separated by a hyphen (-) and, in addition, after adding a slash (/), the BKT of the agenda that offers these services.


The link will direct you to the choice of services offered by the same agenda:

Now all you have to do is copy the modified link according to your preferences and paste it on your website so that your customers can book more easily.