Online booking

Once you have configured the opening schedule, services and agendas, your customers will be able to make online appointments with your center.

To make this possible, you will first need to integrate the widget or separate booking links on your website.

Through the booking widget your customers will be able to make the booking process. Firstly, they will choose the service they want, then the agenda and finally the date on which they want to attend the appointment. The Bookitit booking widget can be inserted via HTML on your website.

This is how your customers book through the booking widget:

First, they select the service they want to choose:

If the service is associated with only one agenda, they will go directly to the choice of the date of the appointment. If the service is associated with two or more calendars, the customer must choose the desired calendar:

Then, they must choose the date and time for their appointment:

Finally, if it is a new costumer, he/she will have to enter data such as his/her name, e-mail and telephone number. These fields are modifiable: we can add or delete fields according to the needs of each costumer. To do so, please contact us at

If the customer already has an account, he will only have to enter his email and password in the “I already have an account” tab:

Online booking cannot only be done from your website. If your business has a presence on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, your customers will also be able to book from here. To do this, you will need to enter the widget link on your social networks.