I do not want users to register

The last step in the process that the customer follows when making an online booking is to register, if he/she is a new customer, or to enter his/her account, if he/she already has one.

If you prefer that your customers do not follow this process or you do not want them to register and have an account, you can configure it from the Bookitit Control Panel. Go to Online Booking and, from here, in the box on the right under the heading “Other widget options”, check the box “First appointments only” and then click Save.

This way, when your customers make a booking, they will only have to enter their personal information and they will be able to make the booking.

Each time you receive appointments from your clients, even if it is a customer who has already made several appointments with your center, it will appear in the list of clients multiplied by all the appointments he/she has made, since it is not registered each time.

In this way, you will not have a complete history of each client’s appointments, since it will be generated in the list as if it were a new client. For example: if our client Maria makes an online booking on Tuesday and then makes another online booking on Friday, Maria will appear in our client list in duplicate, one for each time she has made an appointment.