Separate booking links per service

There are two options for the client to make online bookings: to insert the Bookitit widget or to create separate booking links. The independent booking links can be filtered by both services and agendas.

The process to follow to create independent links filtered by services is as follows:

1. To start, go to the Control Panel, to the Online Booking section and go to “See how my clients book”.

Copy this link (URL that opens in the browser) and paste it in another browser tab or in a text document. From this link the following modifications will be made.

First, it will be necessary to delete #services


Original link to “See how my customers book”:

Link edited:

2. To filter by service, you must add a slash (/) to the link and then the BKT of the service you are going to offer with the link (to know where to find the BKT of the service go to the end of step 2).


3. If instead of filtering a service what we want is to create a link with several specific services, we will first put (/) and then the BKT of a service followed by (-) and another BKT of another service and (-) and another BKT from another service…


In case the service is assigned to several agendas, the link will direct first to the choice of the agenda and then to the choice of the day and time of the booking:

Each service has a BKT and you can find it in the list of services under Center Services in the Bookitit Control Panel. The BKT will appear next to each service in the Code column:

Now all you have to do is copy the modified link according to your preferences and paste it on your website so that your customers can book more easily.