Create session vouchers for a user

Session vouchers are packages with a certain number of sessions that are given to clients for use in certain services or in all of them. In this way, each time a client uses a session voucher, the number of sessions will be discounted from the number of sessions available.

For example, let’s imagine that our business is a beauty salon and we want to offer vouchers for 10 sessions of a nail treatment. Once the necessary configurations have been made, we will offer this voucher to a client. Every time this customer goes for a nail treatment appointment, he/she will have to enter the voucher code from the online booking.

In this way, sessions will be automatically discounted each time you enter a new appointment. In this way, we will be able to see the number of sessions still available to the client, both from the control panel list under Session bonuses and in the calendar appointment. We will see it from the calendar when, when entering the appointment by hand, we insert the code and it tells us how many sessions the client still has available.

To create session bonuses, go from the Bookitit Control Panel to the Sessions Bonus section. You will notice at the top of the page a green button: “New session bonus”. If you click on this button, you will be directed to a new screen where you can configure the new voucher.

First, you must enter the number of sessions you want your voucher to contain. Next to it, you can write a comment about it, which could be the name of the client to whom the session voucher will belong.

Check the “Required” box if you only want to be able to book with this session voucher. In this case this service will always ask for a voucher code. If you want this service to be bookable with or without voucher, you will have to duplicate the service and make one with a mandatory voucher code and another one for the users you want to book it without voucher. Below you will be able to select if the voucher is not associated to any service (so it would apply to all), or if the voucher is associated to one or more services.

If you select the second option, below you must select the service(s) to which this voucher is associated.

Once you have everything set up, click Save. A code will appear, the voucher code, which you can send by SMS or email to the customer.

Go back to the main Sessions Voucher page and you will see that your new voucher has been added to the voucher list. Each voucher has a code, which must be entered by clients at the time of booking online or from the Bookitit calendar when a voucher appointment is assigned by the center.

From the list, you can also send the voucher code by SMS by entering the customer’s phone number, or by e-mail by entering their e-mail address. If you wish to delete the code, click on the corresponding icon in the actions.