Synchronize Bookitit with other calendars (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook …)

From the Bookitit Control Panel you can synchronize your booking calendar with other calendars.

So, if you want your Bookitit appointments to appear in calendars such as Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc., go to My Agendas and, within the edition of the agenda you want to configure, go to the bottom of the page and you will see a field under the title: “Show my appointments in other calendars”.

Check the box and you will see a link: copy it. Access the calendar you use and paste the URL where indicated in the calendar settings. In this way, all Bookitit appointments will be synchronized with this calendar.

The configuration of the synchronization of Bookitit appointments with other calendars depends on the calendar in question.


1. Go to your calendar, choose the “archive” option and select “new calendar subscription”.

2. A screen appears asking you to enter the URL of the calendar you want to subscribe to. Remember that the steps to obtain the URL have been explained above.

3. Next, you will see the agenda information and the automatic update options. That is, you can choose how often the agenda is updated.

Google Calendar:

1. Go to the tools section and click on the configuration tab.

2. Next, the calendar configuration screen will appear. This time, check the “calendars” option.

3. Once you have done this step, go to “explore interesting calendars”.

4. In this screen, under “more tools” you will have to select the option “Add by URL”.

5. You will see a box to enter the Bookitit URL. Remember that the steps to obtain the URL have been explained above.

6. You have now configured your Google Calendar to display the updates of your Bookitit calendar.


1. Go to “account information” and “configure it”.

2. Select the “Internet calendars” screen.

3. You will see a box where you can enter the Bookitit URL. Remember that the steps to obtain the URL have been explained above.

4. Finally, you configure the calendar options through this screen.

5. Your Bookitit calendar is now configured in Outlook.

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

1. Go to “Settings”, choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” and select “Add account”.

2. Choose the “Other” option

3. Then select “Add subscribed calendar” in the “Calendars” section.

4. Enter the address of the Bookitit agenda in the server box and click on Next. For convenience it is advisable to send the address from your computer by email to copy and paste it from the iOS device or enter the Control Panel from the device browser to copy the address from the agenda. Remember to delete https:// once the address has been pasted, as iOS includes it automatically.

5. You will now be able to view your Bookitit calendar appointments on your iPad and/or iPhone.