Customer confirmation of attendance

The Bookitit online booking system allows your clients to confirm their attendance in advance.

To configure the attendance confirmation, access My Calendars in the Dashboard, and click on the Calendar gear icon, you will access the Appointment Options.

On the Appointment Options screen you will be able to configure the attendance confirmation in the “Appointments confirmed by customer” section.

If you activate the confirmation of attendance, your clients will receive an email to confirm:

  1. Select the time in advance that you want to give the client to make the confirmation.
  2. Select the time that the client will have to confirm their attendance from the moment they receive the email.

Then select an option in the event that the client does not confirm their attendance:

  1. You can leave the appointment as “expired”, filling the gap in your agenda.
  2. You can cancel the appointment, freeing up the gap in your schedule.