Expense management

Within the Invoicing section of the Bookitit online booking system Control Panel it is also possible to keep track of your business expenses. In this section you can see the total number of expenses of your business and their total amount on the top right hand side.

Below you will see a list of all the expenses with the following characteristics: the date, the concept, the type of expense, the payment method and the total amount. Thus, if you want to filter the list by a certain type of expense or by a certain form of payment, enter it in the corresponding box:

If you wish to filter by date, enter the date range for which you wish to have information on expenses in the boxes above the list:

Another option that Bookitit offers is the possibility of exporting this list to Excel. To do this you only have to select the “Download Excel” button on the right side, next to the date filtering.

To enter a new expense you must select the “New expense” button and a new box will appear on the right. In it, you will have to fill in the following fields:

  • The date on which the expense is incurred.
  • The concept you want to put on it.
  • The type of expense (one-time or recurring).
  • The form of payment (card, cash or credit system).
  • The amount of the expense.

When you have finished filling in all these fields and click “Add expense”, the expense will appear in the list.

In addition, each expense can be edited or deleted. If you want to edit the expense, select the “Edit” button and a box will appear on the right where you can edit the content of the boxes. To save the changes you have made, select the “Save” button.