Customize the message depending on the service reserved

We are going to introduce a new feature that will give a lot of flexibility when it comes to sending personalized information by service by email and SMS. From now on, from the editing screen of a service you will be able to enter personalized text so that when a client reserves a service you can include this information in the notifications that you send.

This new feature of the Bookitit reservation application allows you to enter personalized text so that when a client reserves a service, this information related to the service can be included in the notifications that are sent to them.

To do this you just have to write the text in the new message personalization section. As in the personalization of email texts, you can add HTML to put links and layout the content to your liking.

To make it more descriptive, we will give an example: A consulate offers several procedures (services), but each of them requires the user to fill out some forms. To do this, the service would be edited, for example “Visas”, and we would add the instructions for this service:

Once you have created the personalized content for the service, you will have to add the %servicemailinfo tag to the email or emails in which you want this information to appear when the service is reserved. You must do this from the Email and SMS texts* section. For this, the email that is sent to the user when they make an online appointment will be customized:

The %servicemailinfo tag will be replaced by the text that we have added in the service, leaving the email that will reach the user in this way:

Another option to further refine the customization would be for each service to include the total content of the email to be sent, that is, the email template would contain only the %servicemailinfo tag.

And in each service the content of the email to be sent would be entered: