Sistema de reservas online Bookitit: horario de apertura
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How to configure the opening hours of my center in Bookitit?

First step: define the opening hours. In this paragraph you establish your weekly opening hours so your clients know in which hours your establishment is opened. The opening hours are independent of the hours in which you can book reservations.

You can mark your hours as open, but you can also choose in which hours you would like to be unavailable.

The following steps apply:

  1. Choose the ‘open’ function which appears in the top-right corner of the panel. Click and hold to select the hours in which your centre is opened, for example from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday.

  2. Once you have completed the previous step, please click the ‘save’ button, which can be found in the bottom-right or click ‘cancel’ if you would like to exit. IMPORTANT: To be able to receive online bookings in your agenda, you need to enter the opening hours in all your agendas in order to mark the new opening hours as online, offline or out of office.

  3. Remember that you can add reservations during closing hours; the client however is not able to do this.

With the innovative panel of opening hours, you can modify your opening hours, online accessibility or breaks easily by clicking and holding the time frames.