How to integrate the Bookitit's widget on Facebook?
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How to integrate the Bookitit’s widget on Facebook?

1-Search on Facebook Static Iframe Tab (WARNING: you must look as personal profile and not the page)

Sin título 2 ¿Cómo integrar el widget de Bookitit en Facebook?2- Select Install Page Tab and follow the steps to install the application:Sin título ¿Cómo integrar el widget de Bookitit en Facebook?

3- Then, through the down arrow select the page you want to install the widget and press to add tab page:

Sin título 3 ¿Cómo integrar el widget de Bookitit en Facebook?

4- On the next screen on the first square requests Enter the HTML for your page . Click the button HTML source FireShot Capture Tab I Fangate Edit HTML https manage tabs view 5303398 How to integrate the widget Bookitit on Facebook ? Once you have pressed the button inserted into the box that you noted in red widget code your online booking Bookitit you’ll find it in the ” Integration ” section of the Control Panel. Go to step 5 where we give you the key to insert your code correctly.

FireShot Screen Capture 030 HTML Fangate Tab I Edit admin woobox com manage tabs settings 53033981 1024x601 ¿Cómo integrar el widget de Bookitit en Facebook?


5- In the red box below you’ll find the HTML information. Copy the information and insert it in the box in step 4. And continuing with the information we give you.

IMPORTANT: Once copied, you must remove the following phrases from the widget code to work correctly:

var sName = parent.location.href;



In the Edit Tab Content screen you can modify everything related to the name of the widget , etc. Click on tab settings and give you the option to make changes. You also can change the name of the tab in tab name or change your logo in Tab Image.

6- Then click the “save settings” as you mark in the red box at the end of the image in step 4 button.

7- Once you have clicked on Save Settings , tab online appointment request online booking or your Facebook page will appear:

Sin título 1 ¿Cómo integrar el widget de Bookitit en Facebook?

8- Once these steps, your customers can already see your services and availabilities and make an appointment or make a reservation online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and appointments are automatically inserted into your calendar online Bookitit.

We expect you to get many quotes and many customers through online booking engine and Bookitit quotes. With the Facebook widget you shall offer an extra service and you different from the competition


See how it looks on our Facebook page Bookitit Demo here