Online scheduling: emails and text missage
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1.5 Emails and text message

These texts, both emails and SMS, which will reach your customers. There are all kinds, from messages to the user's password recovery until confirmation of the appointment. You have the option to edit and customize.

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You also have the option of adding common Texts. It is set a pattern for both the sender sms and emails to the signing of emails.

Finally, we inform you that, in emails, key information of the sender (yours) will not appear complete. Email, phone number and name (no last names, for example) when the client receives such email notice will appear incomplete.

With this we obtain ensure the necessary privacy and data protection, and allows the person receiving the message identifies who sent it.

Finally, paragraph text of emails and sms gives you the option to customize your signature, where you can complete your business listing and introduce a corporate image. We show you the tutorial so you can introduce your company image in the signature of Bookitit here.