Customer or patient tracking history

1. Access the Client List.

2. Click on the Tracking History icon from the list of clients in the actions to the right of each client line.

Or you can also access from the same edition within the client in the tab on the upper right “Tracking history”.

3. If you still don’t have any history created, click on “Add new history”.

4. Write the name of the history and click on “Add”. You can add as many as you want.

5. The history will be created and a new text box will appear and you can fill in the description of the follow-up with the notes and the date of the follow-up. Once you have written, click on “Add” to save it. You can add as many follow-ups as you want within the history.

6. Histories and track notes can be edited or deleted using the icons that appear next to the title.

7. If you have already created one or more stories, use the dropdown to select the history you want.